The World Is Your Oyster

What is the point of global awareness?  Is it to simply make us feel better about ourselves?  Or is it to truly open eyes to what’s really going on outside our doorstep?  The global blindness of Americans is quite stunning.  Many of my friends have no idea what is going on around the world, and they could care less.  They’d much rather be home watching “Honey Boo Boo” or some ridiculous nonsense on television.

I was having a conversation with my friend last night about the decline of our education system, and how many Americans are growing soft.  We are quickly being surpassed by other countries that have the hunger to better themselves and get ahead.  Americans have a false idea of entitlement, and that they are ‘already’ ahead.

There are so many things that we need to be aware of around the world, and it can become quite overwhelming and depressing – so I do understand the tendency for people to ‘ignore’ it and retreat into their own world where all they have to worry about is downloading the latest apps for their iPhone.  It can be rather stressful to learn about the crazy stuff that’s occurring around the world, and the stress and pain that many people are going through.

For example: the drone war in Pakistan.  What is going on here?  It’s a remote controlled killing spree and it’s killing many innocent people.  Whether or not this is a good or bad decision on the United State’s part is a topic for another discussion, but the point is that it’s actually going on and we need to be aware of the actions as well as the causation.  We can then come to conclusions for ourselves as more globally aware citizens who can more fully direct the country in the direction that it needs to go.

What else should we be aware of?  How about the pollution in rising nations such as China and India.  These countries are absolutely booming with industrial production, not to mention the production of new humans because of their booming populations.  However, how are pollution controls in these countries?  China may advertise that it is “green” in certain areas, but it’s such a large country and their media is so controlled that it’s difficult to get a clear picture of what’s really going on out there.   So the point is – we need to be aware of the risks of all this pollution and perhaps choose to buy goods that are made by either more green industries or countries.